Thursday, April 22, 2010


Things have been crazy around here! I'm sure you've been busy too. In the last few weeks I've put on four performances of our Spring Show "Willy Wonka Jr." and had two choir concerts. I've also been up to my eyeballs in paperwork for our spring trip to Atlanta. Most of the time I like being busy, I feel like I work better and harder when I'm under the gun. However, it was nice to get home at a normal time yesterday and be able to have a life after work!

Here's a thought (totally seperate from the above statements) that I've been pondering today: If we all know and understand that nobody is perfect, why is it so hard to accept when we fail or do something stupid? I'm not saying we should just be ok with messing up, but why is it SO difficult to admit when we're wrong and apologize? Is it pride? Are we too prideful to admit that we messed up? I'm trying not to be. Derek Webb once said that the greatest thing that could ever happen to us is for our greatest sin to be broadcast on the 5 o'clock news. Scary thought huh? But maybe he's on to something. If everyone knows the depths of everyone else's struggles, weaknesses, and failures, maybe we would be more inclined toward understanding and forgiveness.

I'm not a great person that screws up every now and then. Rather, I'm a screw-up that gets things right every now and then.


easyedwin said...

Yeah, I read them. I believe facebook and twitter have taken away some of the enthusiasm for blogging and blog reading. What say you?

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