Thursday, September 2, 2010


For the last two years, I've paused at the beginning of football season to thank the football gods that another season is upon us. Then, I blink and the season is almost over. I look around and it's almost time for the Iron Bowl! What happened? It flies by. So, today, I want to take a moment to dwell in the eager anticipation that precedes the first college football game. Isn't Christmas Eve almost as fun as Christmas? Wanting so badly for something to happen, that you know WILL happen eventually. It's another story if you're unsure whether or not that for which you pine will come to fruition. However, football WILL happen. Thus, I want to record with written word this moment. On the tail end of a long, hot summer; it's about to happen. I flirted with soccer to try to ease the withdrawals (see previous post). But, there's no substitute for the real thing. It begins tonight. Southern Miss against South Carolina at 6:30 CST. A new season of football, a new season in our lives. Bring the cold weather, long sleeves, smack-talk, warm beverages, and ardent cries of WAR DAMN EAGLE!

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